Thursday, January 19, 2012

Volunteer and Consignor Incentives

We have had a great response so far with consignors!  Thank you!  Please keep telling your friends about the opportunities to consign AND volunteer in the Sweet Repeats sale.

Volunteers and Consignors will get the chance to SHOP EARLY on Thursday, Feb. 16.  The early shopping schedule is below:

4:00 - Volunteers working 2 or more shifts
5:00 - Volunteers working 1 shift
6:00 - Consignors

We will also have a drawing from the consignors list for a discount shopping voucher!

Remember to read through the Consignor Guidelines and Agreement on the right sidebar.  The Guideliens contain a ton of information that will be helpful, including tagging your items!

For further questions, email us!

Saturday, January 14, 2012


We are officially accepting registrations for MBCC Sweet Repeats Consignment sale!  Please be sure to read the Consignor Agreement and Guidelines prior to registering.  These can be found on the right sidebar.


Please remember to tell your friends about our sale!  We hope this inaugural sale will be a great success and not only help out you, the sellers, but also raise money for MBCC Mission Trips!

Remember, YOU get 75% and 25% goes to MBCC Mission Trips.

For further questions, contact!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sweet Repeats UPDATE

We are working hard to get the system ready for sellers and volunteers to register online.  Please keep checking the blog for updates!

We will also be adding Consigner Agreement and the Guidelines to the blog for you to look through.  If you would like copies of that now,  please email us.